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Gentle Powdered Skin Cleanser

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  • Gentle Powdered Skin Cleanser


    Powdered Apricot Kernels, Jojoba Seeds, Rosemary Leaves, Walnuts, Rama Tulsi, Snow Lotus Root, Black Cumin Seeds, , Neem Seeds & Essential Oils of Basil & Patchouli


    Reduces Acne/Pimples drastically. Takes out dirt, sweat, oil completely from skin pores. Removes make-up easily. Mild abrasive property helps remove build up dead skin cells & oils in skin pores. Completely fades away marks/blemishes. De-tans the skin.

    How To Use:

    Take a small amount of powdered blend in your palm, add drops of water making it easy to spread consistency. Cleanse your face with it as you would do with liquid face cleansers. The less the water-the more scrubbing the mixture will be. For regular morning evening wash - add more water to make it gentle on skin. Use everyday twice.


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