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PMS Cramp Relief Tea In Stock

PMS Cramp Relief Tea

India s First PMS Cramp Relief Tea with more than 15 herbs which helps in calming down the Period Pains with the help of Rosemary, Safflower, Ajwain, Fennel, Shatavari and various other herbs.

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  • Herbal Tattva brings you the one of its kind Herbal Tea for Period Cramps with more than 15 herbs which Shoo away those crappy periods pain with herbs like Rosemary, Safflower, Ajwain, Fennel, Turmeric and various other herbs.

    - Ajwain is known as a natural pain and cramp reliever.

    - Rosemary helps in relieving inflammation.

    - Safflower is known for its blood thinning properties which helps in the ease of flow.

    GREEN TEA: It Contains healthy bioactive compounds, May improve brain function, Increases fat burning, Antioxidants may lower the risk of some cancers, May protect the brain from aging, May reduce bad breath, May help prevent type 2 diabetes. May help prevent cardiovascular disease, May help you lose weight and May help you live longer. Green tea has one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any tea. It is naturally low in calories and contains less caffeine than black tea and coffee.

    ROSEMARY: Rosemary is a rich source of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, which are thought to help boost the immune system and improve blood circulation. Rosemary is considered a cognitive stimulant and can help improve memory performance and quality. It is also known to boost alertness, intelligence, and focus. Rosemary was traditionally used to help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune and circulatory system, and promote hair growth.

    SAFFLOWER: Safflower is a plant. The flower and oil from the seeds are used as medicine. Safflower seed oil is used for preventing heart disease  and stroke. It is also used to treat fever, tumors, coughs, breathing problems, clotting conditions, pain, heart disease, chest pain, and traumatic injuries. Some people use it for inducing sweating; and as a laxative, stimulant, antiperspirant, and expectorant to help loosen phlegm.

    AJWAIN (CAROM SEEDS): Carom seeds are incredibly nutritious, being rich in fiber, antioxidants, and other vitamins and minerals. Because of this, they have been associated with health benefits and long been used in traditional Indian medicine practices. Carom seeds have powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Carom seeds are commonly used as a household remedy for digestive issues in Ayurvedic medicine.

    - HALDI (TURMERIC): Turmeric has long been recognized for its medicinal properties and has gained the interest of both the medical and scientific world, apart from its culinary uses. Turmeric contains bioactive compounds with medicinal properties. Turmeric can increase the antioxidant capacity of the body, Turmeric may help prevent cancer. The best-known health benefit of turmeric is its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, giving it the power to alleviate swelling and pain in conditions such as arthritis. Turmeric has antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.

    - LEMONGRASS: Lemongrass essential oil is used in aromatherapy to freshen the air, reduce stress, and uplift the mood.Lemongrass is also used as a folk remedy to promote sleep, relieve pain, and boost immunity. lemongrass contains several antioxidants, which can help scavenge free radicals in your body that may cause disease. Antioxidants of note are chlorogenic acid, isoorientin, and swertiajaponin. These antioxidants may help prevent dysfunction of cells inside your coronary arteries..This occurs either by causing cell death directly or boosting your immune system so that your body is better able to fight-off cancer on its own.

    FENNEL: The nutrients in fennel are linked to a range of health benefits. The vitamin and mineral content in fennel contributes to building and maintaining bone structure and strength, Blood pressure. Fennel contains significant amounts of fiber. Fiber decreases the risk of Heart Diseases. as it helps reduce the total amount of cholesterol in the blood. Fennel helps in cure of Heart disease and Cancer. Fennel is also effective for Immunity, Inflammation, Metabolism and Digestion and regularity.

    - GINGER: It Contains gingerol, which has powerful medicinal properties. Can treat many forms of nausea, especially morning sickness. May help with weight lossCan help with osteoarthritis. May drastically lower blood sugars and improve heart disease risk factors.Can help treat chronic indigestion. May significantly reduce menstrual pain, May help lower cholesterol levels, Contains a substance that may help prevent cancer and May improve brain function and protect against Alzheimers disease.





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