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About Herbal Tattva

Ancient Indian Wellness packed in a box for your Lifestyle

India holds a legacy of over thousands of years in the Wellness herbs which is what led to the creation of Herbal Tattva® India. Bringing you the finest and choicest of herbs from the boutique gardens of India straight to your cup, all loaded with wellness, goodness and balance. All our Teas are 100% Natural.

Exceptional Wellness Teas with exotic ingredients blended like never before

We at Herbal Tattva use freshest of the Herbs mixed with the finest Green Teas of Assam that is why ourteas are extremely aromatic and full of flavour. We cater and strive towards providing our customersthe full benefits of the herbs mixed togetherfor a greater balance.

A Dream to put on the light on Indian Wellness

India accounts for a majority of the tea and herbs being produced in the world. With Herbal Tattva you get to know your teas better, mixed with various herbs and spices. Our ancient knowledge of herbs has been long lost with this growing of technological world. We strive more every single day towards putting a light on the Wellness sector, the knowledge that has born in our country.

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