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  • Are all the Teas natural or they have any chemical?
    Yes. all the Teas are natural and preservative free. They are made from premium quality of Herbs and best quality of plants.
  • Can anyone take these Teas?
    Yes. People with specific health concern can take these Teas. Its best to consult medical practitioner once before taking these Teas in case of Serious health issues.
  • Will these Teas cause any damage to my health?
    No. As these Teas are all plant based they don't harm your health. In case you are allergic to any Herb, it's better to read the labels for ingredients carefully once.
  • In how many days will the Teas start showing effect on my health?
    Usually the Teas starts showing the effect after using it for 1 month. For better results we recommend it for 3 months.
  • Are these Teas having any chemicals?
    No. All our Teas are made from Herbal plants. They are 100% Natural, Preservative Free, Plant based, Vegan, Additives Free, Artificial Colours or Flavours are not added.
  • Can pregnant Women take these Teas?
    No. For Pregnant Women it's better to consult a Medicinal Practitioner or an Ayurveda Doctor before taking these Teas.
  • Can Herbs cause an allergy?
    No. As these are plant based teas there are very few chances of any allergy. However if you have never used herbs in your life, we recommend you to try it first before adding it to your routine. Some people can be allergic to herbs. It better to always try it first. And avoid it if you have an allergy.
  • Who should not take Herbal Teas?
    Anyone can take Herbal Teas. But if you have serious health concerns, allergic reactions to Herbs or are suffering from Chronic Illness, it is better to avoid it.
  • Can I stop regular Tea, Coffee if I take these Herbal teas?
    It is not necessary to stop your regular Tea, Coffee. However we suggest you to prefer these Teas over the other one while you are trying to achieve your health target.
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