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Why am I not losing weight? Why weight loss is a challenge for me?

Are you also tired of dieting and working out and still not losing an inch? Is that stubborn weight just not going?

Is the stubborn fat just not going?

Difficult to weight

From crash dieting to workout to even walking 10000 steps a day, have you tried it all still facing an issue in losing your weight. Have you ever wondered why stubborn fat is the most difficult on to lose? Sometimes its not only about dieting or working out to lose weight. maybe the things inside body needs a fixing. Crash diets, being only on supplements or doing heavy weight lifting is not the only thing that will help you in losing your weight.

Come lets understand all about the weight loss, the reasons behind not losing and gaining more weight.

The fat can be long accumulated deposits in the body

Did you know that the potato chips packet that you ate long ago is still lingering in your body? Yes. the unhealthy fat also called as "trans fats or saturated fats" does not leave your body immediately. The junk food, processed or caned food does not gets digested that easily neither does it leave your gut. The places where this fat can easily stay in your body for longer time is arms, things, waist, chin and tummy. So only a workout of diet does not help.

*Have you ever thought about deep gut cleansing?

Only increasing the water intake does not help

So when you think about losing weight after diet comes water to your mind? And you start consuming 10 - 15 glasses of water each day and still wonder why isn't it helping in weight loss? Over consumption of water can only give you trips to toilet and not weight loss. Well water alone cannot contribute to weight loss. In fact excessive consumption of water can deplete the required minerals from your body and cause other issues, like drinking excessive water at night might give you clear skin in the morning but will also lead to water retention in the body. Instead adding cucumber and lemon infused water or alkaline water to your diet and as first thing in the morning and then consuming regular water through out the day can help you out.

"Understanding your body problems and the root cause of it can help you achieve the targeted weight loss." – Dietician Meghna Soni.

Gut Cleansing is important

Yes you read that right. All the junk and unhealthy items that we eat does not gets digested fully, which results in accumulation of unhealthy fats in body parts and dirty colon which never gets cleansed. In Ayurveda the first thing that Ayurveda doctors does is understanding your gut and flushing all the toxins out of it. Which indirectly starts promoting weight loss and proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from food.

Hormones play an important role too

Sometimes even after doing all the things right like proper nutritious dieting, exercise and water intake it gets difficult to lose weight. Well hormones play an important part in that too. Lot of youngsters these days are victim of excessive hormonal imbalance due to an unhealthy lifestyle which does not have a routine of proper sleep timings nor eating routines. And with an increase in social media influence, staying up to the trend has become a kind of necessity in youngsters which sometimes gives them depression too as they try their hard to achieve the unrealistic things that are out of their league. This in return disrupts their hormones which leads to weight gain and several other issues like PCOD in women.

How to know the root cause of weight gain?

Well there isn't a shortcut to finding out a way or a root cause for a weight gain. Only a Medical Practitioner or registered Dietician or an Ayurveda Doctors can help you figure out the root cause of weight gain with detailed analysis of your blood reports, tracking your diet, eating and sleeping habits and several other health concerns like diabetes, thyroid etc. After getting your medical reports done your doctor might exactly let you know the reason.

Take a survey to know more

Below is a quick survey to help you out to know the reasons you are not losing weight. If you have ticked maximum answers then it is the right time to look for a professional medical help. In case you do not know any expert dieticians you can chose one from our website by clicking here

When should you see a Medical Practitioner for Weight gain problems?

  • Weight Increases once in every 4-6 Months

  • Feel tired whole day even after sleeping 8 hours

  • I eat packaged and processed food sometimes

  • I eat outside once in a week

You can vote for more than one answer.

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